August 24, 2007

Colbert on Michael Shermer

Michael Shermer, science writer and editor of Skeptic magazine, was recently featured on The Colbert Report. It was pretty good, like all the others. Shermer did a pretty good job of explaining the need for science and skepticism, in the limited amount of time given. Favorite quote:

"If you want something to work, you use science!"
He also gives examples of how to examine evidence to disprove conspiracy theories (9/11 conspiracy theories in particular) and why you can't just go on anecdotal evidence for anything! If you want to find something out, you have to research the evidence!


Jime said...

As far I'm not a supporter of conspiracies theories in general, I think the official story of 9/11 is false. I agree with David Ray Griffin in his detailed criticism of the official story of 9/11:

To a documented criticism of some of Shermer's views on 9/11, take a look at this article:

Skepticism is a method of rational inquiry, not an ideology to defend or protect our own views. Problem with some "skeptics" is that they never use skepticism to question official stories or accepted science. It's a sign of pseudoskepticism:

For a critical examination of pseudoskepticism, take a look at:

While I strongly disagree with many of Shermer's views, I consider him a honest guy. In fact, he had published information contrary to his views, as you can see at this video of youtube (it's a section of Shermer's program "exploring the unknown"):

Congratulations for your blog.

pr1ttyricky said...

Thanks for the comments and links Jime! I'll check them out.