November 24, 2008

shame on me . . .

Wow, so I have not kept up with my blog lately. I really can't believe that it's November already though. It's just going by too fast!

Well, my wife and I are adjusting to life here in Kentucky very nicely. We really like it here, so that's always good. Yet I feel about 10 times more busy here than I was at William & Mary. I suppose that is to be expected for a doctoral program.

On another note, I added some new links to my blog. You should check them out. One leads to the new blog of my office mate, called "medicine for melancholy." Another is the awesome flickr stream of my friend Chris. And then I even put my uncle's new accounting website on here (not necessarily psychology related, but what the hey, you might find something useful on there).

Anyways, I shall not let this slothful blogging behavior occur again. Though I know my time for extra-curricular activities has diminished. I will make sure that I keep a minimum of 2 posts a month, but my goal will be 2 posts a week . . . err, um, starting after Thanksgiving, haha. Well, enjoy those links and have a great Thanksgiving!