March 25, 2007

what a week . . .

Okay, so I have been slacking on the blog lately. What can I say? I guess my only defense is that this past week has just been really crazy for me. Most of my time has been devoted to finishing a big cognitive paper that was due on Thursday. And Friday I had to finish a Statistics mid-term. So I thought those tasks were a little bit more important than the blog. However, I don't have so many deadlines to make this coming week, so everything should go back to normal, somewhat anyways.

My cognitive paper was on the topic of the ability to perceive and work with numbers. It was really cool, and I learned a lot. So if I can find access to electronic articles that are open to the public, then I'll probably write a post or two on that topic. But right now it's awesome outside, so I'm going to enjoy the weather a little bit.

photo by explodingdog

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